Here’s how to clear a Bad Credit.

Do not let you experience a situation where defaults or defaults are bad. Your life will definitely not be calm. Because the debt is always looming every time. Whether at work, eating, so that you can carry dreams.

Not to mention, cellphones or phones always ring because the debt collector reminds you of the installments that must be paid.

Even worse if the debt collector comes to your house to collect. Can you imagine how embarrassed you would be if that happened?

Such is what will be experienced by debtors who apply for unsecured loans. What if the debtor gets a loan by guaranteeing property? Just be prepared to lose your pledged assets, or be driven away from your own home because you collapsed the house.

Before experiencing this unpleasant thing, immediately solve the problem of bad credit in the following ways. Anything? Check it out:

1. Rescheduling (rescheduling) 

1. Rescheduling (rescheduling) 

You can request an option to change the term of your credit payment to the bank. This way of settling bad debts is known as rescheduling.

For example, you have a loan with a one-year tenor. Because you feel already heavy with the payments paid, you ask for rescheduling to the bank option.

If the bank agrees, later the credit installment payments that you must pay will be recalculated according to the length of time the credit payments are extended to two years.

The bank will make the decision, after analyzing the credit problems you face. And the option of resolving bad loans with rescheduling has a legal basis.

Such as Good Lender Circular Number 15/28 / DPNP 2013. Just so you know. This rescheduling provision is made so that banks avoid losses due to bad credit.

2. Eligibility back (reconditioning)

2. Eligibility back (reconditioning)

Unlike rescheduling, reconditioning is more than changing the repayment tenure. Reconditioning also includes changes in interest rates charged to debtors during installment payments.

Just like rescheduling, there are rules for reconditioning. Like the regulations issued by other banks concerning special treatment of credit.

3. Realignment (restructuring)

3. Realignment (restructuring)

If the restructuring or restructuring is wider scope. This restructuring can not just rescheduling, and reconditioning, but also includes provisions for unpaid loan interest reduction.

In addition, debtors who happen to use loans as business capital can get additional funds or credit. Then, so increasing its debt dong?

The value of the loan has indeed increased. However, this provision was taken by first looking at the business potential of the debtor himself. The hope, providing additional funds can boost business profits run by the debtor. That way, bad credit can be sorted out.

If credit is still bad, the bank can take this action

If credit is still bad, the bank can take this action

In addition to the above ways, the bank seems to be taking legal steps for solving problems, you know bad credit. What legal steps are taken?

  • Creditors will file a lawsuit to the District Court using the argument Article 1131 of the Civil Code. With this article, creditors have the right to confiscate debtor property as collateral for credit.
  • Report to the police if the creditor is aware of the falsification of information in order to obtain credit.

This is the way to avoid bad credit

This is the way to avoid bad credit

Bad credit actually doesn’t have to happen. To avoid bad credit, there are several ways you can do.

Take credit by considering the ability to pay

How much repayments you can pay can be known. How, multiply the credit ratio with the amount of your income. The ideal credit ratio is 30 percent.

For example, your monthly income is $ 10 million. That means the credit installments that can pay the value: 30 percent x $ 10 million = $ 3 million.

Make sure got an emergency fund (emergency fund)

It’s called an emergency fund. So in an emergency situation, these funds will be very useful. Of course, when you have trouble paying installments, it is included in an emergency situation. With this fund, you can avoid bad credit.

Well, those were ways to resolve bad credit and how to prevent it. Hopefully the information above is useful!

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